32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Saturday 9th November: The Dedication of the Lateran Basilica  Feast

5-5.45pm - Confession & Adoration

6pm - Vigil Mass  Paddy Howley+


Sunday 10th November: 32nd SUNDAY IN ORD. TIME

Remembrance Day

9.15am - Mass   Holy Souls

11am - Mass with Children’s Liturgy – Act of Remembrance & Requiem   Holy Souls

1pm - Holy Baptism

5pm - Mass Sawtry Methodist Church   Pro Populo

6pm - Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

7pm - Ocean of Grace Prayer Group


Monday 11th November: S. Martin of Tours B. Mem.

9.30-10am - Holy Rosary

10am - Mass  Oby Ints.


Tuesday 12th November: S. Josaphat BM Mem.

9.30-10am - Silent Prayer

10am - Mass  Margie Gallagher+


Wednesday 13th November: Feria

9.30-10am - Silent Prayer

10am - Mass, Adoration & Benediction  Carol Ints.

6pm - Adoration for Priesthood & Vocations


Thursday 14th November: Feria

9.30-10am - Silent Prayer

10.00am - Mass Andrew McGauley+

1-2pm - Luke’s Little Lambs


Friday 15th November: S. Albert the Great BD

9.30-10am - Silent Prayer

10am - Mass Freda & Roger Edwards

12.30pm - Deanery Requiem Mass for deceased Clergy & 

Religious at St. Peter’s & All Souls Church


Saturday 16th November: S. Margaret of Scotland

9.30am - Holy Rosary

1pm - Holy Wedding – Lucy Hammerton & Ian Rushworth

3pm - Slovak Mass

5-5.45pm - Confession & Adoration

6pm - Vigil Mass  Maureen White


Sunday 17th November: 33nd SUNDAY IN ORD. TIME

9.15am - Mass   Aibe Dangana 

11am - Mass with Children’s Liturgy  Carol’s Ints.

5pm - Mass Sawtry Methodist Church   Holy Souls

6pm - Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

7pm - Ocean of Grace Prayer Group




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Fr Jeffrey Downie

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Assistant Parish Priest

Fr Alfonso-Jude Belnas

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Parish Administrator

Sr Erika Perini

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Pastoral Assistant: 

Mr Kevin Joseph 

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