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Giving to your parish

We need your help. We rely on your generosity to keep our church going and to provide the services to the community. In addition, parishes pay a certain regular amount to the Diocese in order to support poor parishes, and to fund Diocesan services.  There are various ways that you can donate:

Standing Orders

This is the most effective way of giving. Less hassle and less paperwork.
If you have a current account, the best and most effective way to give regularly is by standing order.

St. Luke’s Catholic Parish – NatWest Bank, Cathedral Square, Peterborough. PE1 1XH

Sort Code: 54-21-38

Acc. Number: 97302198.

Online Donations

You can make a secure one-off donation using a debit or credit card right here:


Wills and Legacies

Legacies in Wills are a good source of income for your church. They give an opportunity to say thank you for the care and support, love and friendship you have received from your church over the years. They can also a benefit to your estate. As property prices increase more people are potentially becoming liable to pay inheritance tax. This tax can be legitimately avoided or reduced through proper tax planning, including charitable gifts. Wouldn’t you rather benefit your parish church for many years instead of possibly yet more tax when you die?

What is a legacy?

Legacies to the church or charities are a means of leaving them a proportion of your assets after you have died. Everyone should consider leaving a legacy – it’s not just for those we think are ‘rich’. Christians are called to give generously during their lifetime as a response to God’s love, but legacies are a means of expressing generosity at a level which many not have been possible earlier in life. For more information about Legacies and Wills, please contact the parish office.

How do I make or amend my Will?

If you have already made a Will, you will need to keep it up to date as you get older and a new Will can be made at any time. More simply, you can add charitable legacies to your Will by consulting your solicitor about a short codicil. For more information contact the parish office.