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Before Covid19 started to affect our lives back in March last year, music at St Luke’s had begun to develop under the direction of our new Director of Music, Jeremy Jepson. The Adult Choir had grown in number, and were contributing a wide variety of musical items and encouraging the congregation to sing with a strong, musical lead. Exciting plans were in place, including plans for a Children’s Choir and a Music Group, but, sadly, these plans had to be put on hold.

As the lockdown restrictions begin to ease, and we look forward to the coming weeks and months with more optimism, St Luke’s is very keen to put those plans into action.
A number of the Adult Choir have been working away in the background, maintaining online rehearsals, and producing material for inclusion at online and streamed Masses. As we look to getting together again in person, we want to invite any adults interested in singing, to get in touch and to become part of our musical family.
In addition, the planned Children’s Choir will be launching once restrictions are lifted, and if you have a child who would like to explore music and singing, or know of any children that might be interested, now is the time to get in touch with our Director of Music, to register that interest.
If you’re an in instrumentalist, whatever instrument you play, and whatever level, we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch with Jeremy, and let’s hope we can begin to make some new and exciting sounds at St Luke’s in the coming months.
You’ll find flyers and posters for the choirs and music group on this website.
After the very difficult times we’ve faced, where so much activity has had to stop, it’s a great time to be thinking of releasing and developing our talents and of joining and celebrating shared activity and fellowship.